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Think about tying the knot in the most Instagram-worthy spot ever. You're by this epic lake, where the water's as clear as crystal and every sunset is like a postcard come to life. Now, imagine having someone who's not just snapping pics, but is actually capturing all those awesome, laugh-out-loud moments and the romantic vibes. For those planning their big day in this Italian slice of heaven, you've gotta have the coolest... Lake Como Wedding Photographer in Italy

Hi, friends, I'm Stephen


LAKE COMO wedding 


A wedding is one of the most emotional moments you will ever experience. The wedding photographer you choose to capture all the emotion of your wedding or elopement is a crucial choice and should not be taken lightly. I have photographed more than 200 weddings since the beginning of my career in 2011. I started my career as a wedding photographer in Bordeaux,  I know perfectly this area and I would be happy to make you the most beautiful wedding photos you expect from this wonderful day. 

During my years of photographing weddings all over Europe and especially in France and Italy, I have acquired a unique knowledge and approach to your event. I have photographed weddings with more than 300 guests but also more intimate ones like elopements with only my camera and me as witnesses of a union. 


From proximity to intimacy, this is how a wedding should be photographed ...

Photographing a wedding while being far from you is not a good way to do it. Often wedding photographers hide them thinking that they will be more discreet. In reality, the more visible a photographer is, the more he's blend in with the guests. This is how I capture unique wedding photos that will last for generations.

To add timelessness to my photos I edit them as film photos. Thus my past as a film photographer takes all its sense. Film has this nostalgia that the too perfect images of digital cameras does not have. My wedding photos are a sweet mix between modernity and timelessness with a touch of fashion.

Pure, timeless photos with a touch of fashion and casual moments...


“It captures the mood, beautiful setting, and the happy moment perfectly.”

Thank you Stephen for the absolutely sublime photographs!! It captures the mood, beautiful setting, and the happy moment perfectly and it’s better than we could have dreamed of. We love the style of the photos – a mix of journalistic and posed styles as well as the textures / colors. We really cannot thank you enough for your hard work and helping us to capture this very special occasion in the best possible way.

—Ailsa, Bride

“Stephen has a talent for capturing the most beautiful and tender moments of your special day.”

We were so honoured to have Stephen as our photographer on such a special day.
I knew I wanted Stephen as my wedding photographer the moment I first met him via Skype. Planning a destination wedding is not easy but Stephen was so kind and patient with me and truly understood the vision I had in mind for how I wanted my wedding photos to look like. He has a talent for capturing the most beautiful and tender moments of your special day. I wanted my photographs to look authentic, romantic and in the moment. He did all of that and more.

— Nikki, Bride 

“We are so happy to be re-living the best day through our stunning photographs.”

When it came to choosing a photographer for our wedding day, we knew we wanted someone who could blend in to the background, yet provide direction when needed, and capture every moment. This is exactly what Stephen did. His skills on the day were flawless, which is reflected in our beautiful photographs. He was such a dream to work with, and made us, our families and our guests feel so at ease. He captured our day better than we could have ever imagined. We are so happy to be re-living the best day through our stunning photographs. A million thank yous Stephen.

— Zim, Bride

“We loved working with Stephen, he his truly an artist. He captured memories to last us a lifetime.”

- Abra & Chris

“We are speechless. These pictures are everything.
You were so amazing to work with and so incredibly talented. Thank you.”

- Jessica & zan


Where are you based ?

I currently live between Italy and France, more exactly in the south of Bordeaux, in the middle of the vineyards, in a very charming little village called Arbanats, which was named in the top 20 destinations by Air Bnb

Does it matter if you haven’t worked at my venue before ? 

Honestly, no. It doesn't matter to me if I've been to a wedding venue or not. If it's my first time at a venue, I have to check out the wedding venue's website and arrive early to find out about the venue.

How many images will we receive and do we get usage rights?  

You will have about 50 photos per hour of presence, this is an average, the number of wedding photos will vary depending on the number of guests you have invited. You can use the photos without limits, they are yours.

Do you shoot film or digital ? 

I photograph your wedding with digital cameras and I edit each photo so that they are as close as possible to Film rendering that I like. As an option, it is possible to photograph your wedding in film.

What is your price ?

My rates for photographing your wedding depend on the number of hours your wedding requires, its location, whether or not a second shooter is needed, do you have a welcome event... To learn more about my rates I invite you to book a call and I will send you a personalized quote .

Do you have back-up equipment?

Of course, it is essential to have a backup. My cameras are revised every year. When I return from your wedding I make 3 backups of your wedding images. I delete the backup only when your gallery is online.

How and when will we receive the photos ?

Your wedding photos will be delivered to you on a private online gallery. You will be able to download them and share them with your family or friends if you wish. The time needed to deliver the photos is 4 to 5 weeks. 

How long before my event should I book you ? 

Most couples contact me between 12 and 6 months before their event, however, others contact me just 2 months before their event. What is sure is that if you want me to photograph your wedding the sooner the better. 

LAKE COMO wedding venues

Hotels, Villas , Lake Como offers many possibilities for your event...

Due to its location, Lake Como presents a variety of sceneries for your wedding. You can find venues like the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, or the Villa Cipressi one the other shore of the lake with a beautiful garden it's like the villa Balbianello. There are also locations such as the Villa Balbiano,Finding a venue in the Lake Como  is relatively straightforward, but not all of them may be able to host your event. I would highly recommend reaching out to wedding planners for more information.


Venues in Lake Como.

Hotels in Lake Como

Luxury Venue in Lake Como

If you wish to get married in a luxury hotel, the villa D'este, in front of the Lake will ideal place especially if you want a beautiful outside ceremony . You will also have the great Villa Balbiano (house of Gucci)  and for an elopement one of my favorite places in Lake Como: Villa Balbianello.

You may already be aware that Lake Como is one of the most frequented locations, boasting an abundance of luxury villies and hotels. One of the most famous, and currently in vogue due to the film House of Gucci, is Villa Balbiano. Another notable mention is Villa Balbianello, where Star Wars was filmed. Let's not forget two other famous Lake Como villas, Villa Pizzo and Villa Erba! If you're seeking a photographer who can capture the beauty of these locations, and you desire organic and festive photos, you're in the right place. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

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Because of its location Lake Como offers multiple landscape for your wedding...


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